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Izard County Escrow Agency

Providing Confidence and Security to Buyer and Seller of Owner-Financed Real Estate Contracts and Notes

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Why Use An Escrow Agent?

Izard  County Escrow acts as a neutral third party that services real estate contracts for the benefit of both buyer and seller.  We hold the original documents in safekeeping, receive payments form the buyer, maintain accurate accounting of all transactions, and disburse the proceeds on behalf of the seller.


Our professional approach to your escrow needs insures that your investments are handled in an efficient manner with strict confidentiality.  The documents entrusted to us are released only in accordance with contract instructions.

If you are a professional, such as a realtor or mortgage broker, we help you enhance client relationships without setting up a costly and  unprofitable customer service departement.  We also give you local representation and help you provide the best service possible by meeting your client's contract servicing needs.

If you are a lender, we provide you with peace of mind.  When you let Izard County Escrow go to work for you, you may rest assured knowing that your original documents are in safe keeping and that your contract disbursements are on the way.

If you are a borrower, we are here to provide accountability between you and your seller.  Every installment is efficiently and accurately processed and accounted for before being sent on to the lender.


Our computer system is one of the most sophisticated escrow programs available and provides speed and accuracy in processing each transaction.


No account is too large, too small, or too complicated.  Izard County Escrow tailors its service to meet your needs.

We can provide:



       Payment Coupons


       Lender and Borrower Statements


       Reserves for Payment of Taxes and Insurance


       Contract History Statements


       Detailed Payoff Inquiries


       Multiple Disbursements


       Direct Deposit of Proceeds


       Amortization Schedules


       Valuable Document Storage


       Online Access to Account Information




Izard County Escrow not only handles traditional real estate contracts, but also leases, rentals, mobile homes, equipment purchases and other types of contract collections.

For the investor with several contracts, our comprehensive reporting capabilities can provide a detailed analysis of the entire portfolio.

Izard County Escrow Agency is locally owned.


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