Izard County Escrow Agency

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Services & Fees


Services & Fees
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Standard Services and Fees

Set-up Fees

Standard Account                                 40.00
Assignments/Assumptions                  20.00
Transfer                                                  20.00

Disbursement Fees

One disbursement, monthly                 $4.00
Each additional disbursement               2.00
Annual payment                                    40.00
Semi-annual payment                          20.00
Quarterly payments                              10.00
Adjustable rate contract
        additional                                        4.00 (monthly)
Tax and insurance
        Collections, monthly                       2.00 (monthly)

Other Fees

Payment fee                                          4.00
Contract Modification                         20.00
Demand Letter by
        Customer/Attorney                      20.00
Returned Checks (NSF)                     25.00
Printed Buyer or Seller Receipt           2.00
Late charge notice, monthly               10.00
Amortization schedule                        10.00
Recording fee
        (plus Co. Clerk's fee)                  10.00
Research (minimum $25)                  25.00 per hour
Inactive contract/document
        storage                                         40.00 per year
Contracts requiring special
        handling                                          call for quote
Filing Notice of Contract                     15.00




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